To greet you on the phone or in our office is Annie Guy who holds a Medical Assistant certificate from the Ultrasound Diagnostic School in Iselin, NJ as well as a BA degree in Psychology and Counselling from Pillar College and is a certified Life Coach. She has been with Dr. Gwozdz since the office first opened. She is especially knowledgeable about insurance and referrals and can help you through the corporate mire of the process and is now also available to see any patient who feels that they may benefit from a life coach.

Life coaches work with clients on a broad range of topics, seeking to help them improve the quality of their lives. Wellness issues such as weight loss and fitness are common as well as lifestyle transitions such as parenthood, empty nest, retirement and caregiving. Improvement of organizational skills and responsible spending habits have become popular topics in life coaching as well as creativity, spirituality and personal image. Life coaching is also an excellent choice for clarifying and improving personal relationships.
Life coaches also help their clients with workplace issues related to their personal lives such as productivity, time management, stress management and work/life balance. Career issues include initial career choices, workplace reentry, second careers and job searches as well as professional image concerns. People are also increasingly turning to life coaches for assistance with small business planning. The list of topics that life coaches can address is endless. – from